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What is Production Planning?

Production planning is the planning and allocation of raw materials, workers and workplaces that fulfill manufacturing orders on time.

What is Production Planning?

Types Of  Production Planning

The five types of production planning include the following:

Job Method-This technique includes the task of producing a product that’s handled either by one employee or by a bunch. the sort of jobs that will utilize this technique could also be either tiny scale or complicated. This technique is typically incorporated once client specifications square measure essential within the production. tiny scale jobs square measure those that production is taken into account straightforward, because the employee has the specified skill-set for the duty. it’s conjointly necessary to notice that little specialised instrumentality is required in these tasks/jobs. Considering these parts, the customer’s specifications and necessities may be enclosed at anytime throughout progression of the duty while not neutering the method.

Flow Method-Very just like the batch methodology (which is additionally enclosed during this blog), the aim is to boost material and work flow, scale back labor value, and ultimately complete the work a lot of faster. Differing from the batch methodology, work progresses as a flow, thence the name the flow methodology. Assembly lines that build televisions tend to utilize this methodology. the merchandise is factory-made by variety of collective operations within which materials move from multiple stages while not time lags and interruptions.

Mass Production Method-Within this methodology, product are sometimes created utilizing commonplace techniques like balance production and product-wise layout.

Batch Method –As mentioned before, this is similar to the flow method. This method usually falls under businesses that are growing that also have growing production volumes as well. It requires a division of work into parts. For a part of work to process, it is essential that the previous parts get completed. An example of a business that uses this would be electronic parts manufacturing, because it requires specialization of labor for each division.

Process Method –This method includes the product being produced utilizing a uniform and standardized sequence. Very specific and sophisticated machinery is utilized here and production is continuous.

Importance Of Production Planning

Starting Point for Marketing Programme-All the choices manufactured from associate degree enterprise area unit directly or indirectly tormented by product coming up with. as an example, if а promoting programme is ready while not considering product coming up with, it can’t be expected to achieve success. Therefore, it’s necessary that product coming up with should be completed before getting ready promoting programmes.

Symbol of Managerial ability-Product coming up with is а method that embraces аll the alternative efforts of AN enterprise to forecast totally different aspects of product coming up with such as:

  • Can the merchandise satisfy the requirements and needs of consumers?
  • Can the merchandise face competition?
  • Can the customers pay the worth for the product?
  • Can the enterprise earn desired profit?

If the reply to any or all the on top of queries is affirmative, a choice is taken to supply it, or else, it’s determined otherwise. Therefore, the method of coming up with is taken into account a logo of social control ability. If AN enterprise doesn’t undertake the method of product coming up with, it implies social control bankruptcy within the organisation.

To meet Social Responsibilities-It is true that the last word objective of each business associate degreed industrialization is to earn most potential profits however at a similar time it’s additionally true that this can not be the only real objective of an enterprise. each business bears a good deal of responsibility of meeting and fulfilling the social needs and expectations. Moreover, the target of earning most profits may be achieved solely by fulfilling these social expectations. Such a fulfillment is feasible solely through product coming up with as a result of the method coming up with decides upon the character and characteristics of product which will fulfill these expectations. Thus, it will be aforementioned that product coming up with could be a tool of meeting social responsibility.

Helpful in facing the Competition-Product designing is considered a competitive weapon as a result of the success of selling efforts of AN enterprise depends upon the extent to that its product will face stiff completion within the market. many selections area unit taken within the method of product designing for enhancements and changes in product so the challenges in competitive things could also be met with success.

Wide Scope-Product coming up with is vital as a result of many selections area unit taken within the method of product coming up with. These selections area unit development of a replacement product, growth or contraction of product combine, improvement within the product, determination of name, label, packing, color, design, size and value, etc. Thus, the scope of product coming up with is incredibly wide.

Objectives of Production Planning

  • Effective utilization of resources.
  • Steady flow of production.
  • Estimate the resources.
  • Ensures optimum inventory.
  • Coordinates activities of departments.
  • Minimize wastage of raw materials.
  • Improves the labour productivity.
  • Helps to capture the market.
  • Provides a better work environment.
  • Facilitates quality improvement.
  • Results in consumer satisfaction.
  • Reduces the production costs.

Functions of Product Planning

  • Determining the manufacturing process
  • Deciding the sequence of operations
  • Ascertaining the requirement of equipment, tools and gauges
  • Outlining the norms for implementing change in process, tooling or equipment when drawings or part prints need to be altered
  • Assisting in Product Design development

Scope of Production Planning

On the basis of the above-mentioned functions, the scope of a production plan can be understood:

Identify and state the purpose of production—This should include the item name and code of the product, the quantity, volume or lot sizes, and raw material specifications, etc

Sequential list of operations—This should include cycle time for completing the production process

  • List of technical specifications, for the different manufacturing stages as well as for quality control
  • List of equipment, machines, tools, gauges, jigs, dies, fixtures, etc., required for the different stages of production
  • List of specifications to be followed to achieve optimum performance standard, e.g., cycle time, set-up time, output level, etc.

Features of Production Planning and Control

As production designing and management systems are being integrated into facilities all over, here are some of the options available:

Material practicality – rather than manually getting into within the quantity of materials that are required, the system is ready to order the proper quantity of elements. This perform reduces price through information accuracy, on time delivery, correct amount, and standardization.
Machines and instrumentality – Through in-depth system analysis, find numerous versions of production programming that may account for instrumentality maintenance or time period. Accounting for these factors can modify your production facility to possess a gradual flow of uninterrupted output.
Routing – This feature deals with the route during which raw materials can desire end the merchandise within the most effective manner attainable . This method may embody numerous duties like path fixation, analyzing operation details, and method time higher cognitive process capabilities.
Loading and programming – Coordination of machines and therefore the programming method is important at intervals a producing operation. This additionally correlates with capability designing and economical output, that are increased through production designing and management likewise.
Dispatching – Through unleash of order directions, this part includes capital punishment the set up. Production activities begin and therefore the method of materials, tools, components, and directions are given to the operator.
Evaluation – the method ends with system analysis and locates areas wherever improvement is required. this is often done anytime because the method is meted out and therefore the production facility comes nearer to overall production potency.

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