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Case Study: D'Decor Home Fabrics (P) Ltd

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Client Overview

The client is the third largest exporter of Sofa and Curtain upholstery fabric in the world. The client is based out of Mumbai and has multiple plants in Tarapur, Maharashtra.

SCM Initiative

The client implemented SAP ERP about 7 years ago. Pre Planvisage implementation, all the production and inventory planning was done in Excel. It was looking for an advanced planning solution to plan their production and inventory in order to overcome some of the SCM issues. It looked for several vendors who can provide a solution and after a thorough analysis, went ahead with Planvisage solution.

Pain Points

Some of the points were

  • SAP MRP considers infinite capacity for production planning which does not give visibility on the exact completion date of an order

  • As capacity of machines are not considered for planning, material planning is independent of the time at which it is actually required causing a rise in inventory levels

  • SAP MRP is not able to consider the business specific requirements for certain operations like Weaving, Fabric Dyeing, Yarn Dyeing, etc.

  • Unable to do what-if analysis to find out the optimum balance between setup time

  • reduction and order delivery performance.

Planvisage Solution

Planvisage Advanced Planning and Scheduling solution was used to take care some of the

deficiency of SAP MRP. Here the solution was integrated with SAP to pull relevant data like BOM, inventory and demand. Some of the data which is not available in SAP was maintained in Planvisage solution itself. This includes dyeing machine capacity, batching rules, weaving WIP, Loom capability and routing information.

Weaving Logic

Logic was written to handle following constraints:

  • Allocate the running looms to the demand

  • Create batch with similar beam code after netting out the demand with running looms

  • Allocate the batch to the resource running with similar item group or create a changeover

  • Split the batch and run on multiple looms to meet the due date

  • Decision of single width or double width loom based on beam quantity

Weaving Reports

Work Order Wise Loom Plan - Detailed work order wise loom plan with beam-code wise schedule of all the looms with quantities.

Warping Sequence - Gives the sequence for beams and lengths to be loaded on which loom

Item Group Wise Balance to Weave & Product Category wise balance to weave - Gives information for Item group wise balance to weave lengths with total number of beams, average beam length and weekly interval wise looms to run

Fabric and Yarn Dyeing

Logic was written to handle following constraints:

  • Batching of items with similar item code and matching

  • Minimum batch quantity constraints

  • Selection of resource based on batching quantity and capacity of resource to process a single batch

  • Resource availability

Dyeing Reports

Fabric Dyeing Batch Creation - Detailed work

order wise batches created with resource and dyeing


Fabric Dyeing Queue - Resource wise Product

Category wise break up of batches

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