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Case Study:Aquasub Engineering

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Client Overview – Aquasub Engineering

Aquasub Engineering is a leading manufacturer of Stainless steel submersible pumps, cast iron submersible pump and mono blocks pump. The company is based in Coimbatore and is part of Texmo group. They have an annual turnover of INR 300 crores (US$60 million) and supplies pumps to European countries. They are also having rich domestic market.

Planvisage Solution

Aquasub engineering has selected Planvisage SCM solution to improve the production planning and scheduling. The main objective was to improve the resource utilization and delivery date commitment to the customers based on the planning.

Production Workflow

There were essentially three department involved in the production – Press Shop, Machine Shop and Assembly.

Benefits of Planvisage Solution

Some of the benefits Aquasub saw using Planvisage solution is:

• The effect of delay in the sales orders while pulling one particular sales order in advance

can be tracked clearly. The effective combination of dates are taken into account

and the new commitment dates are given by the management with out creating much

impact on the delivery dates of other sales orders.

• All the bottleneck resources were identified

and effectively loaded. Developed certain sub-contractors to perform those activities which helped to reduced load on bottleneck resources.

• Considerable improvement in meeting the customer delivery date.

• Machine loading chart is issued to the shop floor on the weekly basis. The planning department concentrates on the development and improvement of process capability work since their regular work was automated

• Inventory pile up was reduced by exactly knowing the dependent demand

• Transfer batch quantities were introduced which reduced the total cycle time. The stagnant of materials between the stages were reduced through proper balancing of supply and demand chain.

• Frequent changes in the setup were minimized.

• Effective utilization of alternate resources was improved.


"Through Planivsage Schedules, we are able to get the planned idle time in our resources. We try to fulfill this idle time by getting more orders from the customers."

- Mr. V. Suresh, Director - Marketing

"Resource schedules are generated from Planvisage and are released to the shop floor. This has helped in optimum sequence of orders and thereby reduced our work-in-progress"

- Mr. Vivek, Planner

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